PLEASE NOTE:  Because I will be moving out of province this summer, I will not be accepting new patients in-person in Alberta at this time.  If you still wish to book in virtually with me, click above to schedule an appointment.  Please feel free to email me for recommendations of other naturopathic doctors for your needs.  

Dr. Man-Yee Yeung  ND


If you're looking for solutions to your health problems, you've come to the right place.  When you enter a doctor/patient relationship with me, it's like having your own researcher, scientist, and doctor dedicated to your health.  I am a primary care provider trained in diagnosis as regular medical doctors, but in treatment, I offer something excitingly different.   I treat people of all ages with all types of conditions using natural, safe, and effective therapies.  I strive to provide you with the highest quality of health care to treat disease, prevent illness in the future, and take you to a higher level of health.  My goal is to address the root cause of your illness and help you eliminate any lifestyle habits that may contribute to the illness.  Congratulations on taking your first step to true health

Make the healthy choice - naturally.